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(via Snow homemade bjd small pet pink rabbit - Taobao)
(via [Outlets] Meng Chong ~ small squirrel, baby can lie head ~~ BJD- Taobao)
(via [Outlets] Meng Chong ~ big eyes small flying squirrel, baby can lie head! BJD doll available - Taobao)
(via bjd wig Liu Jinping Gloiopeltis too shiny mushroom head (issued within three days after the spot photographed) - Taobao)

Creamy’s Taobao: Shops - For Dolls Pt 2


Hi guys! My last post on Taobao shops for dolls was a huge hit, so I decided to throw together another one. I keep finding more and more because I am addicted to internet shopping on Taobao. This post is probably outdated, it’s been sitting in my drafts for the past 6+ months.


Good for basic clothes and clothing sets. Low to moderately priced, going between 10 and 25 dollars for a set. Some of the sets are super cute! They also carry accessories and shoes and retail for doll companies.

"Full House"

Great for accessories and inexpensive basic clothing. Their eyes are overpriced for what you’re getting. They also have shoes but they are a little expensive for what you get.


Help me! They have such cute things for YoSD! They are a little expensive, but for the price the clothes look as though they would be worth it. A very girly store. They also have SD clothes.

"Flower Monogatari"

Cute clothes for SD and YoSD. Their YoSD lolita bags are particularly heart wrenching. They have shoes, clothes and some human clothing as well.

"Manor House"

Cute shoes and outfits. They also have wigs and accessories. They have really cute shoes and leggings. They have inexpensive lolita style outfits and underwear.

"Nyx Doll"

Nyx Doll is fairly popular in China for the high quality glass eyes and accessories. They also have an item called an “eye box”, which is used to store one pair of eyes. It’s super cute, black with rose decor. Only 2yuan!


Not a lot of sets available, and the prices are high. They are limited availability sets, but ultra high quality items and very unique.


Has a lot of low to mid range items. Outfits, wigs and accessories. Also has some BJD sized miniatures.

"Noelia Dream"

Low to mid range BJD clothes. The photos aren’t the best, but the items look good quality. Also has accessories and some shoes.

"Muyu Gong Fang"

A great shop for more traditional style chinese clothing and accessories for BJDs. They have a lot of different clothes, including clothes for lots of different BJD sizes.


Mid to high range BJD clothes. Cute lolita dresses and cosplay (SNK) for BJDs. Range of sizes, usually 1/3 to 1/4 and DD. Kind of high priced for what you’re getting- right now a lot of their outfits are “deposit” for a later date, so watch out for that. They have some cute accessories too!


(via [Rosemary town] New! Diadia warm winter cloak BJD DD 3 points 4 points - Taobao)
(via [Pig hum] [sale] SD10 female dress —Rabbit —- Taobao)
(via BJD 1/6 milky white hooded sweater long section of the cape-style hat or scarf to send leggings - Taobao)
(via COCOTRIBE of BJD dolls - shook Rabbit - Taobao)
(via [Cat] lineages within three points BJD long-haired wig black purple powder blending closing stock oh ~ ~ - Taobao)
(via Volks SD dwc-01 custom head - Auctions!)
(via Karl-work bjd 4 points 1/4 MSD Dress Heart Miss - Taobao)
(via BJD doll furniture, doll sofa couch retro European style fur - Taobao)
(via [Agency] original painting throughout bjd ~ Taobao meng like ~-)


Browsing Gmarket korea for BJD sized furniture because why not? No customs in Singapore! Gmarket time!

These are BJD SD sized furniture. Computer desks. Time to die.

Link for search here if anyone wants!

Also, korean search terms:

Miniature: 미니어처

Furniture: 가구

Dollhouse: 인형 집

Gmarket ships worldwide so go crazy my BJD friends :D

미안 친구!